Abstract Compositions

Click on the names below to see the completed Compositions.

Richard Kearney Leah Denton
Richard Kearney 2 Zoe Meager
Richard Kearney 3 Zoe Meager 2
Boris White Angela King
Boris White 2 Tracey Sullivan
Sam Leigh Ya-wen Ho
Makyla Curtis Shane Hollands
Makyla Curtis 2 Michelle Bolton
Carolyn McIvor Penny Sommervaille
Raewyn Alexander Louise Harper
Tessa Stubbing Renee Liang
Ruby Cheah Tony Green
Rachael Naomi Heimann Courtney Addison
Jeremy Roberts Miriam Barr
Alexander Abraham Daniel Larsen
Kelly Malone

The Brief:
Create a completed booklet using cut up and collage methods.

The Constraints:

  • You must use the words supplied for all words. i.e. you cannot take words from other sources for your cut up.
  • All image collage must fit within the grid confines. i.e. multiples of the 5×5 squares.
  • The completed booklet must contain at least one word.
  • Collage material can be sourced from anywhere.
  • Do not add to the cover, other than to add your name on the back

The Pack included:

List of constraints, tips, word sheets (on sticker paper) and one little black booklet with 4 leaves of grid paper.



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