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Abstract Compositions – the project of collage with restraints – has a number of the completed works uploaded to the In Collusion website. New works from: Angela King Carolyn McIvor Daniel Larsen Miriam Barr Penny Sommervaille Tracey Sullivan Zoe Meager Advertisements New works from: Shane Hollands Jeremy Roberts Rachael Naomi Heimann Tony Green Renee Liang Leah Denton Louise Harper Raewyn Alexander Ruby Cheah Alexander Abraham Kirsty Dunn Kelly Malone

There are some new abstract compositions which have been completed, scanned and uploaded. The new ones have been completed by Boris White, Samantha Leigh and myself, Makyla Curtis To have a look, go to the Abstract Compositions and click on each name for links to their works.

As an example of what might be done in the Abstract Compositions Project – check out this wee book by Richard Kearney.

A contribution based creation of a collection of works combined to create a whole. Individuals create their booklet by means of cut up and collage within constraints. The booklet joins with the others to create a bigger picture. For a full description of the project and all it entails, see